Our company's quality since 1956, to be able to produce in peace, security and stability while adhering to the principles of our customers for the purpose, has set world standards in customer satisfaction by offering quality products and services as policy.

Pakipek to textile manufacturing plant laboratories to keep under constant control of raw materials and products entered our house we keep a part of their service. Thus, yarn and fabric in our laboratory tested and appropriateness of physical performance, quality and controls approved thread and fabric are shipped to customers.

In response to requests from customers, the following tests can be applied to fabrics. Quality control process for applying the non-conforming products can not pass through the fabric from the process are prevented to be sent to the customer.

Test Name


Test Purpose

Size Exchange

(Dimensional Change)

ISO 6330

This test checks the dimensional change of the fabric after washing such as washable fabrics and cushions.

Tear Strength

(Tear Strength)

ISO 13937-2

Tearing strength test determines the strength to fabric tears. It's often used in home textile products. It's made on request.

Tensile Strength

(Tensile Strength)

ISO 13934-1

This test determines the mechanical strength of the fabric.

Seam Strength

(Seam Slippage)

ISO 13936-1
ISO 13936-2
BS 3320
TS 1412

The welded state of weft and warp yarns of the fabric is determined tendency to slip out of each other.

The abrasion

(Abrasion Resistance)

ISO 12947-2

This test determines the corrosion tendency of the fabric at a specific load.




Determination of the fabric pilling tendency in time.

Colour fastness to rubbing

(Colour Fastness to Rubbing)

ISO 105-X12

Fabric discoloration is checked when exposed to friction.



ISO 3801

 M² weight of the fabric.

Frequency Detection thread

(Determination of number of threads)

ISO 7211-2

The test determines the number of weft and warp yarns used in the fabric.

Staining water fastness

(Colour Fastness to Water Spotting)

ISO 105-E16

Determination for the streaking level after drying the fabric contact with water.

Determination of pH

(pH Value)

ISO 3071

The test determines the ph level of the fabric.
Boyteks Fabrika
Our production facility in order to improve the quality of products offered to our customers and our raw material input controls , as well as spinning yarn required for the standard of quality required in our production line quality control tests are performed . In this respect, our company and produced all the yarns used are taken into production after the approval of the sale and passed through quality control. Tests on the yarn are controls ;
  • Yarn Number Determination ( Yarn Count ) / ISO 7211-5
  • Yarn Strength ( Yarn Strength) / ISO 2062
  • Twisting Determination ( Twist Yarn )
  • Moisture Determination